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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Chemistry book faster by using these simple tips

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects and it tells us about the compounds and elements that are found in nature. Students study and observe about these elements and increase their knowledge.
Chemistry as a science subject is one of the most intimidated subject for science students apart from physics. The in-depth study of chemical compounds which arise in nature is one of the most intensive studies for chemistry student. However, a lot of these students tend to ignore the importance of chemistry as a science course in their academic career which results in low grade at college level. If you are one of those students with little or no interest for chemistry, change your mindset and be prepared to experience a positive change as I share with you five practical tips to spark your interest and boost your grade in Chemistry Books.
Six helpful tips to study chemistry

Ø  Always read  with a flash cards
A flash card will be of help when studying a subject like chemistry. A flash card can hold vital information about the concepts of chemistry and chemical formulas. A flash card can be an instant reminder for complex formulas and ideas anytime and anywhere.
Ø  Read with highlighter
Highlighters are special pen with bright colors mostly used to highlight important text, ideas, and concept. Using a highlighter will help in making quicker revision of important concepts when preparing for your exams. Some other ways of using a highlighter also include highlighting important questions, notes and other relevant ideas from your teachers.
Ø  Consistent reading habit
Do you know that reading chemistry for an hour every day for five times a week is better than reading chemistry for five hours in a day? Because chemistry is volatile in nature, it is a good practice to maintain a consistent reading habit as tiny actions equal big results over time. Your daily consistent reading habit will create an easy environment in reading and comprehending the fundamental concept of chemistry.
Ø  Using Mnemonic
Mnemonic techniques are one of the useful techniques that can boost your interest in chemistry with Dinesh Objective Chemistry. This wonderful is a great aid to study chemistry. Do you know that through the aid of mnemonics, you can memorize the first twenty elements of the periodic table with and hour? This also applies in memorizing over 103 elements of the periodic table. By applying these techniques, it helps to increase your retention power which will essential in getting a good grade in exams. There are many online tutorials that can assist you to implement mnemonic techniques in your reading schedule. 
Ø  Understand the basic concept of chemistry.
Understanding the basic concept of chemistry is very important to give you a grasp of it. Understanding basic concept such as element, compound, mixture, atoms, matter, will help you to lay a solid foundation of this subject.  Every complex idea in chemistry is laid on the foundational concept. An element forms a compound; a compound forms a mixture, and so on.   
Ø  Never procrastinate
Procrastination is not only a thief of time, but also a catalyst to failure and poor grade. Many students decide to study chemistry at the last moment to exams due to lack of motivation and interest. You cannot afford to push chemistry to the last moment of study as this can build up unnecessary tension in you. On the long run, you will lose focus, confidence and concentration due to an increased amount of stressed at the last minutes of your preparation for your chemistry exam.


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